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Chrome OS may be getting folders, much like Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 With No Comments »

As Chrome and Android start to trade utilities, one very important Android feature may be coming to your Chromebook. OMGChrome! has spotted a few bug reports that suggest the ability to create folders for Chrome apps is coming.

Chrome Android menu

Currently, all Chrome apps sit directly in an app drawer, unless pinned to the desktop. Users can move icons around, but much like iOS, they’re not well organized, and can’t be separated adequately for many. With folders, Chrome gets a much needed organizational upgrade.

One bug report, which can be found in the Chromium code base, is listed as “Add UI support for creating app list folder by drag-drop an app list item on it another app list item or a folder.” From that, we can glean that the Android-esque ability to drag one app on top of another is currently being worked out for Chrome.

As for aesthetics, there is mention of that. While Android enjoys a tiled view for folders, the Chrome look may be a bit flatter. A bug report notes “Create app list folder UI with the top 4 app list items grouped in 2×2 tile and inside the grayed circle as shown in [mock up]”, which OMGChrome! has gone ahead and imagined for us as seen above.

As with many bugs, no word on when it’s coming, or even if it’s coming, but we’d like to think something as cross-platform as this would find its way onto our Chromebooks at some point, hopefully very soon.

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