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Clean Master, optimization of Android without complications

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 With No Comments »

The more or less always looking for your Android handset is as optimized as possible. An application that can help you achieve this in a simple way is Clean Master, who in a very simple offers this possibility with actions that are executed automatically.

Working areas of the development of KS Mobile is storage, both in respect to running programs (RAM) and which is stored in flash memory, which are both applications and files they are saved. Therefore, it is here that improvements are made to the terminals. Incidentally, a good detail of Clean Master is that you can use in all types of models that have Android 2.1 or higher.

To get this app, you can use Samsung Apps on this link or, failing that, to Google Play accessing this page . Therefore, you can download a very simple and accessible this program that takes up very little in the terminal: only 2.84 MB … well, anything that is a problem as you can see.

clean-master-application clean-master-application-2


The initial screen offers Clean Master and terminal information. In it are two radial circles in which you can see visually and in percentage the space is occupied both in the micro SD card as the internal memory of the terminal. Furthermore, also in the top of the screen shows the files or running programs that have been “cleaned” in the day.

By the way, the interface is well structured and is very intuitive, so it is easy to be clear where to find each section … but it is true that it is clearly not Holo, so denoted is not present … this enables greater compatibility, but it certainly indicates that it can be improved. However, we found that using perfectly fulfills its purpose.


Assistant Master Clean Mençu in Clean Master

What to do with Clean Master

There are four options or work that can be done with this application. All have their uses and, therefore, routinely used all of them (including, Clean Master provides the ability to automate the search for possible solutions to optimization, which is always appreciated). The jobs available are:

History . Here we can review applications or processes that are open in the RAM. You can make a cleaning to remove unnecessary and thus have more space and improve the efficiency of the Android device. In addition, there is also the option to view the files residuals, which are those that stores the user and that can take up space in storage. You can find and choose the ones you want to remove, worse careful what you delete is not something important.


Clean Master Tasks Files in Clean Master

Privacy . Space in which you can see the mail messages, text and even social networking applications and check if they occupy too much space. You can delete all or, if you want to choose a personalized way possible. By removing this information is lost, but it frees up space on the Android terminal.

Apps on Clean Master Clean Master Options

Tasks . Here are the apps that are in the background as they run automatically or have been used by the user. You can delete desired and also can add you want a list of those that are not taken into account to be closed because of its importance. This is very useful for releasing RAM.


App Manager . This is the last option to Clean Master offers two possibilities. An uninstaller to use installed programs and also (and more interesting), you can perform a backup on the storage card of the device additional essential information. Also, here is the information of free space on microSD if you have one.

Adjustments Clean Master Information on Clean Master microSD card

As usual there is a section of the settings that can be set aside as how often the cache is reviewed or Android terminal is allowed to Clean Master close background applications to perform certain actions. The truth is that this application, despite its alleged simplicity, is a useful and easy to use. Worth it.

Information Table Clean Master

Download Link for Master Clean in Samsung Apps .

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