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comScore: Android remains top platform despite small drop in share

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 With No Comments »

The latest comScore report has been posted and once again we are looking at Android as being the top smartphone platform. The report shows Android with 52 percent of the market share which is sitting against the 39.2 percent iOS happens to have. We suspect the Android faithful will be happy with that little bit of news, however there is another side to this story. In fact, there is a side we suspect that same group of Android faithful will not be all that happy to hear.


This marks the fourth consecutive month with Android on the decrease. The overall drop hasn’t been what many would consider huge, but there has been a drop nonetheless. Looking at the April 2013 percentage of 52 and there has been a 0.3 percent drop from the beginning of the year. A January 2013 comScore report had Android sitting with 52.3 percent of the market share. Otherwise, aside from the small but steady drop with Android, much of the other numbers and names are where and who you would expect.

Rounding out the top five smartphone platforms and we are seeing a significant drop as we move from second to third. BlackBerry is in the number three position with a 5.1 percent share, Microsoft is next with 3.0 percent and Symbian is fifth with 0.5 percent of the overall share. Aside from the drop with Android, the other notable drop was BlackBerry with a decrease of 0.8 percent. Apple on the other hand, saw a 1.4 percent increase coming from 37.8 percent in January 2013.


The interesting aspect here, despite the small but steady drops in Android, it seems like a significant change will be needed to see it removed from top position. Apple with iOS and Google with Android are roughly 13 percent apart at the moment and even if the other three platforms in the top five dropped in favor of iOS, that would still only add an additional 8.6 percent and leave Android on top.

Aside from looking at the platforms, we also have the top smartphone manufacturer numbers to consider. In this case, Apple sits on top with 39.2 percent of the market share. Similar to previous reports, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG round out the top five. For the April 2013 comScore report, we are seeing Samsung with 22.0 percent, HTC with 8.9 percent, Motorola with 8.3 percent and LG with 6.7 percent.

SOURCE: comScore

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