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Coolest Teasers Ever From Asus – But What Do They Mean?

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 With No Comments »

Asus Bot 2

We’ve seen a lot of cool teasers in the past but these by far take the cake.  What you see here are a couple of teasers that Asus has thrown up on their press site just ahead of Computex 2013 which begins in a couple of days.  They’re miniature models of Android figures with the tagline “We Transform.”  The top one is super cool as it’s clearly meant to resemble a certain comic book hero that many have come to love.

Now what do these things mean?  Honestly I haven’t a clue at all.  When the first figure surfaced (below) many pointed out the large 6 on the figures chest.  Speculation was that Asus was prepping some sort of 6″ device, possibly a phablet to compete with the Galaxy Note II and upcoming Note III.  But then there’s the whole “We Transform” tag line on them which points to new transformer devices.  Asus has always pushed the envelope when it comes to new devices (such as the PadFone and FonePad) so perhaps they’ve put together new transformative devices that we never knew we needed but will need to have once we see them?

Whatever they end up bringing I look forward to it but the more important question at this point is where can I get that figurine!

Asus Bot 1


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