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Customized Moto X ship times “may vary” due to high demand

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, August 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Today is Motorola day with the custom Moto X Maker website and the official launch of their new smartphone. It’s readily available in AT&T stores nationwide, and you can snag one as we speak or head to their site and customize your own. Originally Motorola promised 4 day waits for the custom version, but last night a blog post might be warning of a delay, already.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 12.56.15 PM

Motorola posted a quick blog post last night stating the Moto Maker site and X smartphone were officially here, tomorrow. Basically giving us a few additional details before the device launched and service went live today. Near the end of the post they appear to already be preparing for the worst, and warning of possible shipping delays.

Don’t get us wrong, what Motorola and Google are doing is the first of its kind. It’s a big step. Allowing buyers to completely customize the color, accents, wallpaper, and even boot screen of their smartphone. It certainly isn’t easy, but they’ve promised quite a bit. They already temporarily removed the engraving option, and now are claiming high demand might cause that 4-day shipping window to be extended a little longer. Here’s the quote:

We’ll be working hard to get your customized Moto X to you as quickly as possible. We expect that because of high demand, initial shipping times may vary. But we will get that down to 4 days or less as soon as we possibly can. We’ll also be adding digital printing in the future, so you can include a personal message on the back of your Moto X.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 1.22.41 PM

Which basically means the initial launch might have so much attention and demand, that their shipping times might slip a little longer than four days. Rest assured though, because they’ll get it down to 4 days rather quickly and those ordering won’t have to wait very long. Hopefully everything gets ironed out quick, and then customizations arrive for Verizon and other carriers.

If you’re interested in customizing your own, or the Skip accessory, check out our hands-on and unboxing. Who’s getting their own custom Moto X ordered today or this weekend? Is anyone excited about this phone?

VIA: Motorola

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