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Cyanogen conversation leak tips OPPO N1 with dual-boot option

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, September 20th, 2013 With No Comments »

Steve Kondik of Cyanogen appeared earlier today in the latest OPPO teaser video. These teasers are all leading up to the September 23rd announcement for the OPPO N1 smartphone. Anyway, given the combination of news from earlier in the week about Cyanogen forming into a company and looking for hardware partner and the earlier video from Kondik — it was seeming likely that the N1 and CyanogenMod were going to be connected in some way.


Well, it now looks like the N1 will arrive with the ability to dual-boot into the standard OPPO Android installation and CyanogenMod. Similar to how we have yet to see which version of Android would be shipping with the N1, we have yet to see what version of CM we should be expecting. But first, this latest set of details has arrived by way of Android Authority who were made privy to a conversation that offered some details on what can be expected.

The conversation talks briefly about what can be expected in terms of the N1 and also a little bit about Google Apps, CTS compliance and even the US market. How about we begin with that last bit. Based on what was said, it looks like those in the US market will be able to pick up an OPPO N1 with CyanogenMod installed. In the conversation, Koush was asked (in regards to the N1) whether it is “stock CM or still OPPO firmware.”

The response was that it will ship with “CM option in the US market.” Moving over to the CTS compliance portion and it appears as if they are looking for this so they can ship with Google apps already installed. Those not familiar with running CyanogenMod may not realize that Google services do not come already installed. The process is simple to get them installed and setup, but it does require you to flash something called gapps after CyanogenMod is up and running.

Otherwise, the bit of conversation that was leaked is somewhat limited, but it did offer another interesting tidbit. It was said that there is “no money being exchanged” with the OPPO deal. To further that, Koush went on to comment about how that is “not really a concern.” But this is where the CTA compliance and Google apps bit comes back into play. Koush then goes on to mention how there is “some indirect yet valuable advantages for us… like getting CM certified.”

All that being said, it looks like September 23rd is going to be the date when we see the a handset unveiled running CyanogenMod out of the box.

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