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CyanogenMod Exynos 4 status update arrives

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 With No Comments »

The CyanogenMod 10.1 Release Candidate phase came to an end a few days back and while that meant a general release for many users, there were some handsets that were left in a sort of hanging state. The folks at CyanogenMod made the shift from RC to general release with the promise of addressing support for the Tegra 2 and Exynos processors at a later time.

Image Screen-Shot-2012-12-17-at-12.15.00-PM-540x3691.jpg

We saw the Tegra 2 status update arrive yesterday and as of today it looks like the Exynos status update has arrived. Specifically, this update is dealing with the Exynos 4. With that in mind, this update seems to be somewhat of a mix of good and bad. Up front it was made clear they “are not dropping support of the Exynos 4 devices.”

The other side of that comes in with what Exynos 4 users can expect to see. Support will remain however those carrying one of these devices will not be getting a general release version of CM10.1 just yet. There was talk of how supporting the Exynos 4 devices past CM9.1 has “proven difficult to accomplish.” The difficulty has come from issues with the binaries and sources the CyanogenMod team has available to work with.

Anyway, the general release availability is being withheld because of those issues and it was said these issues are not the type that can be solved in days or weeks. This is where the good news comes into play — Exynos 4 users will still have nightly builds available.

That means users will continue to get some of the more important items such as bug fixes and security fixes. Not to mention, some new features. Otherwise, the Exynos 4 support list includes the following; Exynos 4210 – i9100, n7000, i777 and the Exynos 4412 – i9300, n7100, all t0lte variants, n80xx. Also, just to clarify — this deals with the Exynos 4 and not the 3 and 5 devices.

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