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CyanogenMod reaches 10 million users

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Monday, December 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »
CyanogenMod reaches 10 million users

CyanogenMod reaches 10 million users

Cyanogen Mod, one of the custom ROM (or unofficial modification) of most popular Android has already surpassed the barrier of 10 million active users , according to the statistics collected on your own site.

Recently, the CyanogenMod team released an installer to greatly facilitate the replacement of the operating system that comes standard on Android phones with their own version, which undoubtedly has contributed to more people dare to take the plunge.

For example, with this customization is possible to have the latest versions of Android without waiting shift maker decides to do the same (but lose the original interface and other functions, of course). But then, we provide other features and, at least in theory, an optimized to consume less system resources and battery, among other benefits.

Among the 10 million users of CyanogenMod is counted only those who have been active for at least the past 90 days (instead of all facilities), and 5.4 million of them have installed an official version of this ROM ( created by the team of CyanogenMod), compared to 4.6 million (more or less functional and created by people external to the organization) unofficial site.

If you dare to install CyanogenMod, you can check what version already exists for your device .

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