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CyanogenMod’s Nemesis Project Partially Revealed : Focal Camera App

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For the past few days the CyanogenMod team has been teasing a new project called Nemesis. Until today we didn’t know what it really was, or what it would change in the Android world. Today, the wait is over, CyanogenMod released the fast part of its Nemesis project, the Focal camera app.

The Focal app is a camera app meant to replace the original Android camera interface for CM ROMs. While the general design of the app is based on the original aesthetic of Android, with the Halo blue and grey shutter button, feature wise it’s a much richer app.

Firing up the app you only get a shutter button, which, no matter what’s your hardware, will take shots in quick succession when you hold it. Clicking or swiping anywhere on screen will give you manual focus selection. By swiping up from the shutter button, Google Now style, users can open a menu to choose between shooting modes. The shooting modes include regular photo, panorama, video, front facing camera and Pic Sphere. The first four are pretty self-explanatory, but in case you’re wondering the last shooting mode is CyanogenMod’s take on Google’s Photo Sphere, available on Nexus devices. As far as we know, Pic Sphere works the same way Google’s Photo Sphere does.

When swiping from the left you get a settings menu, with all the options you get on the AOSP app and then some. Everything you’d expect from a feature rich camera app is there, HDR modes, ISO, flash, filters, timer, etc. Clicking on a menu opens up “widgets”, and you can have several open at the same time, which gives you easy access to settings.

The CyanogenMod Focal app is modular which means developers can add and remove parts of the app to match hardware configuration. The Focal app will become part of the nightly builds of CM ROMs starting next week. The app is only the first phase of project Nemesis, and we’re excited to see what more will come from this. Check the video on the link below and don’t forget to leave your comments on the section below.

Video link

[Via AndroidAuthority]

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