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Differences between iPad and Android tablets

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Android and iPad tablets are changing the world of computing, and know the difference between them can help you make a decision about which tablet to buy. The iPad is a tablet computer developed by Apple that uses the iOS operating system. The iPad lets you manipulate programs using interface screentouch. Android is an OS used in tablets andmobile phones by many hardware manufacturers. Android was developed by Google and is one of the best alternatives to Apple’s iOS.






The computer world is changing rapidly, and now the main computer for many PC users is but a phone or a tablet. Apple saw the opportunity to develop a tablet that would be larger than a mobile phone but smaller than a laptop. IPad tablet was developed and launched with the iOS operating system. Android was purchased by Google in 2005, which allowed Google entering the mobile phone market.


The iOS runs on many Apple products, like the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The iOS is locked and can only be used on Apple hardware products. The Android OS is an open source project. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP), led by Google, is tasked with Android development. The code is open to customization and conservation for many software developers.

Online Videos

One of the biggest differences between Android and the iPhone is that Android tablets support Flash and the iPad. Flash is the software used to display videos online. The iPad can not play videos from YouTube and many other sites due to the lack of Flash. In addition, you can install Flash on the iPad. Android tablets can play Flash videos online with no problems.


Apple claims that the latest version of iOS supports multitasking. The latest operating system presents a modified version of multitasking for the iPad. Only a few applications have the flexibility to run multiple tasks, and operating systems only stop the current application while using another. Android supports full multitasking with the ability to run multiple applications at the same time whether they are system apps or apps from the Android Market.

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