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It’s here the new generation of smartphones with the latest Android version, and with it a set of hidden tricks and shortcuts that will make using the device easier, fast and functional. Furthermore, some of these tricks also served for those who have a smartphone with an Android version earlier. Yahoo has published an article with some of them.


One of the most practical things of the new smartphones is that increasingly incorporate a higher quality camera. But although the megapixel is increasing, it seems that the wait time from which you access the camera application until you press the shutter button and the picture is mobile increases. Luckily, there is a way to reduce this time. In most phones running the latest version of Android you can customize the lock screen to create shortcuts.

For example, the new Samsung Galaxy S III just hold the center of the lock screen while rotating the device 90 degrees to activate the camera mode. This feature can be activated from the Settings> Security> Lock Screen Options, and then enable quick access to the camera.

In older versions of Android can also set a shortcut using a specific application, such as WidgetLocker , allowing us to place the camera icon or any other on the lock screen.

Once the camera is on, some of the newer versions of Android offering voice control.  Something quite useful for self-portraits and group shots.  Subject mobile, utter “Shoot!” and within a second our smartphone shoots. Similarly, there are specific applications that allow this option in older Android versions.

Another function that for years we wanted to have in your smartphone is the screenshot. Immortalize Whatsapp conversation, a web page or a text message is now easier than ever. In some versions of Android just press ac ombination of keys like Home + Power button. But for the older versions, download an application type Screenshot It will allow us to have this feature.

But undoubtedly the most feeders issue head always gave us the battery management and speed of our mobile. We know that the easiest thing to lengthen both is to avoid having a large number of applications open at the same time, but sometimes it is hard to know which applications have open. The Task Manager shows this more or less accurate, and to save time scrolling through menus to find this function, you can open it directly by holding down the home key, and from there, close all the unnecessary applications.

Finally, it is said that, “for Androids, colors”. This means that not all versions are the same, and it all depends on which you have installed on your phone.

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