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Disney’s Wreck It Ralph and other games now free in the Google Play Store

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 With No Comments »

While this may not be quite as exciting as the update to the actual Google Play Store, it seems Disney has recently lowered the price of four games. Or more to the point, Disney has made four games available for free. None of these games were what we would consider high-priced before, however we suppose free may be nicer than paid.


Regardless, the four games that are now free include Wreck It Ralph and Temple Run: Brave as well as Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry. The good news here, as per the Google Play Store requirements, these apps will now remain free moving forward as once a paid app goes free, the price cannot be increased again.

With that, those who have yet to pick up any or all of these games may want to start downloading. Some of these games may be obvious in what they are, after all, Temple Run has been rather popular. In this case, we suspect some may have avoided Temple Run: Brave given it was previously available only as a paid app. That being the case, now is your chance to play.

Otherwise, Wreck It Ralph is based on the movie and brings three games — Fix-It Felix Jr, Hero’s Duty and Sweet Climber. The remaining two games, Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry are puzzle style games with the former having more than 400 puzzles and the latter having more than 140 puzzles. Bottom line here, Disney has made some quality games available for free.

[via AndroidGuys]

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