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Download Android for PC Free

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Android for PC
Android 4.0 RC2 for PC
Development and Programming

Android for PC is the computer version of the mobile operating system designed by Google. This leads to your computer OS excellent performance enjoyed by millions of users of Android on their phones.

Android for PC? Has limitations?

Not at all. This system is developed in the body Programming Linux , to which the incorporated code base Android . That is actually what the structure will be installing Linux, but you’ll see the interface and operating system features of Google .

The advantages of having Android on your PC are well known: there are almost no viruses that affect the software, increased stability, greater functionality and better usability. One of the main plus points is the speed that provides forInternet browsing . Since it was born under the arm of a giant web, the OS is fully optimized to provide the best performance of the Network Scan

In addition, Android includes really advanced visualization and multimedia playback : you will enjoy a good quality of pictures, audios, videos, maps, interactive presentations, and more. Also noteworthy is one of the fundamental differential of this tool: opportunities for customization. Find a set of widgets that can be ordered at ease, colors and size are adjustable interface but also, above all, have thousands of applications available in various types to install in your computer.

How to install Android on PC?

First, download the installer from this page Android to PC . Once the process is complete, find the file in the default folder. When you run it you will notice that you’re driving a file in ISO format , ie it is a disk image.

One option you have is to open this file burn it to a CD. You can use Nero or any similar program registration drives to store content and to begin the installation of Android . When you get the new drive, you must configure your machine to use as a boot disk to CD drive and not the hard drive on login.

Whenever a computer is turned on, the first action that is to read the hard drive to run the OS installed. In this case, you will ask that you first check the inserted CD. To achieve this, you have to press the “F8” key on the first home screen appears when you turn on the computer. Another installation option is via a USB key. In this case, the steps of the process will be similar, only instead of burning a CD will keep the ISO image on a USB flash drive.

As you noticed, the steps are very simple and fast. What are you waiting for Android to PC Free download and begin to enjoy the benefits?

• Android version for PC
• Lots of accessories online
• Stability and outstanding functionality
• Excellent multimedia playback options

• You need to install many applications

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