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Dragon Quest venturing into Android soon

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, October 11th, 2013 With No Comments »

Mobile gaming is on the rise and even mainstream game developers and publishers are starting to take notice. One such developer is Square Enix, who has recently been quite tireless in porting over its popular Final Fantasy titles to mobile devices. Now, the company is announcing that it will soon be bringing its Dragon Quest franchise to Android and iOS as well.


The Dragon Quest series, the first of which was released way back in 1986 and was known as Dragon Warrior in the US, may not be as popular as Final Fantasy, but it has had its own fair share of fans. It even has more official anime and manga spinoffs than Final Fantasy. Like that other franchise, titles in this video game RPG series are not always related to each other save for some common gameplay elements, bestiary, and, on some occasions, a particular person or location.

Square Enix has made known its desire to address the mobile gaming market while not totally shifting away from its primary console focus. As such it has brought some of its classic titles to Android and iOS, tweaking things here and there to make the games playable on touchscreen devices. We’re expecting the same treatment for the Dragon Quest series, although it is still unknown at this point which titles will first be making its way to mobile. Below is a hands-on demonstration of one of the more recent titles, Dragon Quest VIII to be exact, running on a smartphone, strangely in portrait orientation.

Square Enix has not given any tentative or ballpark date for the release and its still unknown if and when the games will be made available outside of Japan. But considering that the company has so far made Final Fantasy available in English, we can presume that it will be the same case for Dragon Quest as well.

VIA: DroidGamers

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