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EE introduced tiered LTE plans, lightning quick download speeds for the UK

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 With No Comments »

EE, a wireless service provider in Europe serving the whole of the UK, has announced some changes to their plans. Customers can now enjoy tiered data starting at £5/month, and running up to £30/month. The changes are designed to get more customers on their growing LTE network.


Though coverage is limited to major cities, EE is trying to entice customers onto their service both with the new plans, and cheaper devices. They will carry a range of LTE capable devices, starting at £129.99 for the Alcatel One Touch Idol S. Happily, EE will also make their LTE devices available to prepaid customers as well.

For those interested in getting a plan, the £5/month option will get you a slim 100MB data, and the £30/month option will get you 10GB. Of course, there are a host of option between, with EE noting that anyone who opts for a plan with 2GB or more per month will be able to utilize EE’s fastest download speeds.

EE also says they’ll be trialing 300Mbps speeds in London this month, with release sometime in 2014. Already the speediest LTE network in the UK, EE is putting their foot on the gas and pressing hard. Though Europe is a bit behind when it comes to LTE service, all carriers are making quick inroads toward the future.

VIA: Android Central

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