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Evernote two-step verification now covers all users

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, October 7th, 2013 With No Comments »

As a service that has become the digital bucket of a lot of users worldwide, Evernote cannot but take security seriously. Which is why it is now implementing the second part of its two-step verification rollout which brings the new security system to all users of the service, no payments necessary.


The concept behind two-step verification systems is quite simple. As the name implies, it requires two verification sources: a variable, less secure part, and a “fixed” phase. The variable phase of verification involves the usual web or app login, where you supply your user name and password. The second part requires the participation of your mobile device. The first authentication phase has greater chances of being compromised, unlike your smartphone or tablet, which is always with you.

Evernote started implementing two-step verification last May but it was limited to the privileged few who paid to use the service. The company gave their word to eventually bring the security measure even to free users and, today, it is making good on that promise. Two-step verification is now available to all Evernote users, paid and free.

Paid subscribers will be able to get their verification codes via SMS while free users will need to have the Google Authenticator app installed on their devices. Enabling the feature is as simple as logging into your Evernote account on a web browser and going into the Security tab of the Account Settings page.

SOURCE: Evernote

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