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Ex-Googler launches NOVA, a wireless flash for smartphone photography

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, September 26th, 2013 With No Comments »

One of the biggest problems with photography on our smartphones is low light situations and using the flash. Mainly because it sits right next to the shutter and usually washes out colors and ruins any decent shot. Even Apple’s new iPhone 5s tried to combat this with two different flash colors to try and improve the situation. Today though we have a different approach from an Ex-Googler looking to provide a wireless off-camera flash for our smartphones.


It is called NOVA, and this tiny little flash device is so small it can fit in a pocket or your wallet, is completely wireless so you can set it where you need, or hold it for the perfect lighting. While some might argue over any mobile photography, we’ve seen great photos from smartphones, and this can surely improve the quality of most.

Two developers named Joe Walnes and Alex Lukashevich aim to fix low light mobile photography and washed out and ruined skin tones by launching NOVA. Which is their off-camera wireless flash alternative that’s just hit Kickstarter and is looking for backers.


This flash is completely wireless and works with Bluetooth Low-Energy with the iPhone, and with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean devices. So for now most Android devices can’t take advantage, but soon many more will have full support. NOVA flash has forty 65-Lumen LEDs inside, and can hold quite the charge although we aren’t getting exact details on the battery. Pull it out of a wallet or purse and snap a photo, then put it away.

The flash can be set based on different levels with their Android app. Options for soft lighting, warm, or even just all out brightness. They’re aiming for a February 2014 release date and are currently looking for backers of their new flash camera system. More details can be found from their site below.


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