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Experts : Apple copied IOS 7 from Android

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Experts point out that several features in the new Apple system have already been implemented by the competition, such as multitasking and notifications resources with the screen locked

Apple iOS 7: Android copycat?

Apple iOS 7: Android copycat?

SAN FRANCISCO. – Both investors and Apple fans claimed for months the launch of a groundbreaking product, but after the revelations made ​​by the company on Monday in San Francisco, were in the air a certain feeling of disappointment.

The parade of new products was led by a new version of iOS, which was once the flagship operating system Apple first introduced the iPhone in 2007 but has since been little fundamental change.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook and chief software company, Craig Federighi, led the army of developers presented the new face of the program to the cheers of the audience and a standing ovation.

But the reaction was far from that ecstasy used to host any new Apple product to be introduced by Steve Jobs, the visionary head of the company who died in October 2011.

Usual Observers noted that the reaction was even less enthusiastic than when Cook introduced the iPad mini last year.

The lower impact of the Worldwide Developers Conference, which opened Monday in San Francisco, can be attributed in part to the fact that now people are excited with a small toy more tangible than learning to drive a new operating system.

However, the main reason could be that, instead of that company noted for its ability to prevail against all competitors, Apple seems to be playing to imitate what other mobile operating systems have been offering for a long time for its users.

“Noting the introduction of iOS in July, I could not help noticing design features already present in Android, HTC, Microsoft and even Palm,” said Kevin C.Tofel, editor of tech blog GigaOm.

The blog dedicated to Android, meanwhile, could not contain his joy at the number of features of iOS identified as originating from the operating system developed by Google and other rivals of Apple.

The touted “flat design” which replaced the three-dimensional nature imitations of earlier versions of iOS was introduced first Windows Phone system in 2010 and later refined in the latest versions of Android, while multitasking resources that allow the user to view windows Apps open remembered the now defunct Palm OS.

Also, with a simple quick tap with your finger from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Menu is an idea that Android has been using since last year.

Another key announcement iRadio-introducing an iTunes streaming service, had been already advanced game consoles Pandora, while the tool that allows users to see notifications to the lock screen is available to the users of HTC years.

“The new look of iOS 7 is almost the same minimalist user interface which has enjoyed Android users since the launch of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011,” stated the Web

However, “there are ideas so good they should be shared,” said Jerry Hildenbrand benevolently, Site. ”When one looks at the list of what Apple has ‘stolen’ and who stole it should be remembered that here everyone steals something from someone.

And in the end, what this means is that we all benefit from a universal of great resources. ”

In any case, the latest ads for Apple might sound a bit hypocritical, given his history of zealous pursuit of his rivals for allegedly copying the iOS system.

As Kevin pointed C.Tofel, the technology blog GigaOm, it is true that Apple is still the teacher who integrates all these resources in one package nicely bound and beautifully designed.

But both fans of Apple investors – which led to a drop in stock shares after the announcement – expected more sparkle from a company that is proud to have integrated software and hardware better than anyone.

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