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Facebook beta updated with more photo features

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, August 9th, 2013 With No Comments »

The latest update to Facebook‘s beta app for Android arrived late last night for many users, but this time around it was rather minor. They’ve continued their improvements to the photo sharing and saving aspects for mobile users, but it appears things are still in the testing phase. They’ve just updated to version 3.6 on the beta channel.


We accepted the update late last night, but so far aren’t noticing anything too exciting here. The first few beta updates were a bit more important, but things are starting to slow. However, the new Facebook version 3.6 beta app gives users the ability to cancel a photo upload. Something we should have been able to do in 2011.

Facebook recently added the “save to phone” feature on their Android app, which is also something we’re all surprised took so long, and now you’ll be able to cancel a photo upload. Next time you accidentally upload something you shouldn’t have, you’ll be able to stop it in time. Good stuff Zuckerberg!

It also appears they’ve added the option to both like, and comment, on page recommendations that pop up as well. Which is pretty minor, but could be useful. As a reminder if you’re interested in using the Facebook beta on Android you’ll need to head here to get started. It looks like they’ll slowly be adding those FB Home features to the standard app. Get it below if you’re already a beta member.

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