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‘Facebook Phone’ Details Ahead Of Thursdays Event

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 With No Comments »


The folks at Android Police have manage to secure some more details regarding the upcoming ‘Facebook Phone’ expected to be announced this Thursday. While the Facebook Home platform is the most intriguing element to the device it still requires a suitable delivery system. Details are still a little light however from what we do know  this will essentially be an HTC phone with a heavy dose of Facebook integration. See specs on the device below as per Android Police:

  • Manufacturer: HTC
  • Model: MYSTUL (Myst_UL)
  • Carrier: AT&T
  • Platform: MSM8960 (Dual Core)
  • Ram: 1GB
  • Display: 4.3 inch @ 720p resolution
  • Android Version: 4.1.2
  • Sense Version: 4.5
  • Rear Camera = 5M
  • Front Camera = 1.6M
  • No SD Card
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi a/b/g/n

These details also back up what was suggested by earlier leaks. What we appear to have is a mediocre device with a very specialized Facebook app that is eventually going to have its own launch in Google Play. Make sure you check out all of the technical/developer details here but it seems we will have to wait until an official launch to determine all of the details and plans for the device and/or Facebook Home.

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