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Facebook VIP app for celebrities in the works

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 With No Comments »

Maybe they sensed a disturbance in the force. Or maybe they noticed how the media seems to quote and screencap tweets more than Facebook posts. Whatever the case may be, word is that Facebook is working on a mobile app that is reserved only for the famous, the infamous, and the glamorous.


This Facebook mobile app is being developed to cater to the needs of celebrities and VIPs, because, well, their needs require special attention. The app will supposedly make it easier for celebs to keep in touch with fans, keep track of what’s being said about them, and send the totally appropriate responses.

Facebook has undergone a number of changes to its interface and design to improve its usability and make it easier to follow public discussions, including the addition of hashtags. But it seems that Twitter still has the upper hand when it comes to celebs, something that Facebook is aiming to rectify with this app.

A Facebook spokesperson has said that the app is currently undergoing testing with a small group of partners and will divulge more details as they roll. Other than that, Facebook hasn’t mentioned any detail, like what patented algorithm they’ll apply to determine who gets to use the app. Guess we’ll have to wait until it comes out and hits the media, with some story about who didn’t get invited to this exclusive party.

VIA: SlashGear

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