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February 19, 2013 Press Event Is Confirmed

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 With 1 Comment

Well another piece of the HTC M7 puzzle has fallen into place as HTC has officially announced their February 19 events in New York and London.  While the invitation has no details as to what will be announced, it’s almost 100% confirmed that the HTC M7 will make its grand entrance at the event.  Here’s what we know about the M7 at the moment:

  • 4.7? 1080p SoLux Display
  • 1.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • 13MP f/2.0 Camera
  • 2MP Front Facing Camera

nexusae0_wm_img_20130121_105044   HTC-M7-components

We’ve also seen several leaked photos, some of parts, some of the phone itself.  And as far as I can tell everything is matching up perfectly so there’s no reason to think that the parts or pictures of the phone are fake.  So I guess the only things left to find out are the pricing and features that Sense 5 will bring to the table.


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  1. Vadim says:

    RSVP for htc event for press

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