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FedEx Mobile for Android updated with Delivery Manager and more

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 With No Comments »

If you’re like us you probably do tons and tons of shopping online these days. From ordering a shiny new smartphone case, a new 60″ TV to watch Football on, and everything else. If you’re always checking FedEx tracking numbers and more like us, you might want to get the latest FedEx Mobile app for their new delivery manager features. Although, Google Now seems to track my packages just fine these days.


Yesterday the folks in purple from FedEx released a brand new Android app full of a few new features specific for those who love to patiently await and track their package. I’m guilty of checking it far too often, and now FedEx looks to make that process and much more even easier on Android smartphones and tablets.

The update brings a new ‘Delivery Manager’ that will allow you to do all types of neat things, as long as you have a FedEx account. You can reschedule deliveries, pause a package if you’re not home or on vacation, update the package with delivery instructions for the driver and more. They’re getting into the 21st century. Yay!

The update hit the play store yesterday bringing FedEx Mobile to version 2.0 and you can give it a try now, as long as you’re in the US. Sadly the user interface is still pretty awful, to say it nicely, and we would love a few more features. Let us scan our tracking numbers into the app, maybe set reminders and such too. Give the app a try from the link below if you’re one of those online shoppers always awaiting a package.

[via Play Store link]

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