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Fido Prices The Nexus 4 At Just $100 On A 2-Year, $425 Outright!

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 With No Comments »

So far, every carrier to carry the Nexus 4 in their line up has jacked up the price quite a bit.  While the pricing did fit in line with the other phones in their line up, the prices were drastically higher than what you would find in the Play Store.  Well here comes Fido to the rescue.  Fido has just released their pricing for the Nexus 4 and it looks pretty good.

If you sign a 2-year contract with them (that’s right, just a 2-year!!! maybe a new trend?), you can get the phone for $100.  If you want to buy the phone outright, they’re selling it for $425.  And YES, this is the 16GB model, not the 8GB.

While $425 is still higher than the play store, you’re only looking at a $50 difference between the Fido and the Play Store after you account for shipping costs. Plus this way you don’t have to wait for your phone but can start playing right away!  This should be in stock now so if you’re interested stop by your local Fido store.  Anyone buying?


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