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Fido To Release Galaxy S II LTE And Galaxy Ace IIx

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Monday, February 11th, 2013 With No Comments »

Galaxy S II LTE

It looks like Fido is putting together a solid line up of phones finally.  They’ve already got some nice high end devices in the Galaxy S III and RAZR HD LTE and they just added one of the best devices in the Nexus 4.  And just to have some variety, they will also be adding the Galaxy S II LTE and the Galaxy Ace IIx.

I imagine the Galaxy S II LTE will be priced in the mid range level and in all honestly it would be one heck of a mid range device.  The Galaxy Ace IIx, on the other hand, will be undoubtedly be situated as a entry level device, but that too will be a great addition to the line up.

Fido has always shone when it came to plans but lacked the solid hardware lineup of its parent company, Rogers.  So it’s nice to see that they’re getting a good collection of devices to offer more choice to its customers.

No dates or pricing are available right now but we’ll keep you posted as we hear new information.


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