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Fieldrunners 2 released for Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 With No Comments »

Subatomic Studios had previously said Fieldrunners 2 would be available for Android in April. They later came forward with a release date of April 24. And well, it looks like they have kept that promise because as of today, Fieldrunners 2 is available by way of the Google Play Store. The game lands as a tower defense style where you are tasked to help defend the world.


In doing so, you will be calling in airstrikes as well as setting explosive traps in what Subatomic Studios is describing as a 20 hour plus campaign with “tons of levels.” Specifically, Fieldrunners 2 brings more than 20 new levels and allows for the use of 20 unique and upgradeable weapons.

Sticking with the topic of weapons, it was said that custom load outs will allow you to make sure you have the perfect weapon for each battle you are involved in. Those playing will find themselves traveling across a wide variety of environments including grass fields, deserts and cities as well as a volcanic lair. You will also be able to play in several modes with options for puzzle, sudden death and time trial.

While some may be happy that Fieldrunners 2 has finally arrived for Android, there is the whole issue of the game having been available on other platforms for quite some time now. As to that, Subatomic Studios has said this release was built on a new game engine that allowed them to bring a polished port that should feel completely at home on Android devices. That said, those ready to play can grab begin the process by following this Google Play Store link.

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