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Final Fantasy IV The After Years finally coming to Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, September 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Here’s another installment on the hopefully neverending saga of bringing beloved titles to our favorite mobile platform. Square Enix has announced that the sequel to Final Fantasy IV will be coming to Android and iOS devices this winter.


This is definitely not the first Final Fantasy game to get ported over to Android, and hopefully it will not be the final one. The first four classic titles are already on Android, with the fifth installment already announced to arrive on the 26th. And as far as more “modern” Final Fantasy games go, Final Fantasy Agito, which is based on the Final Fantasy Type-0 universe, will be arriving this winter, though it remains unknown whether it will be translated into English after the release.

But even if it isn’t immediately localized, though we hope it eventually will, we will have Final Fantasy IV: The After Years to keep us company during the season ahead. Taking place 17 years after the game of its namesake, The After Years brings back some of the cast and introduces new ones in a revamped 3D graphics style. Initially released in 2008 exclusively to Japanese smartphones, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was later translated and bundled up with FFIV: The Complete Collection for the PSP in 2011.


No exact release date or pricing details have been announced yet. We’re not sure if this Android version will be available outside of Japan and in English but, given the history of the title and other classic Final Fantasy games, we’re quite hopeful that will be the case as well.

SOURCE: 4gamer
VIA: Pocket Gamer

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