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Final Fantasy VI venturing into Android soon, Final Fantasy VII also being considered

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 With No Comments »

That title alone should make the heart of any fan of the never-ending Final Fantasy franchise palpitate but let’s all take it in stride. Just after the release of Final Fantasy V on Android last month and with at least two more titles on the way, Square Enix is now saying that it is planning to release a modified version of Final Fantasy VI on Android and iOS this winter.


According to Square director and producer Takashi Tokita, this mobile version of Final Fantasy VI will be a sort of remake of the original title, adjusted for the tastes and habits of mobile gamers today. For example, the need for grind has been reduced so that players can enjoy the game more for its epic storyline and memorable characters. Fans of the original 2D artwork, however, need not fear as the graphics will retain the same feel, only enhanced for modern displays on smartphones.

Tokita also hinted that the company is also mulling over porting Final Fantasy VII over to Android and iOS. The title is one of the most popular and most loved in the franchise and has undoubtedly received many a request to update, port, or remake on various devices. However, given the somewhat perplexing stance by Square Enix to not put out a heavily modified version, we can probably expect that Final Fantasy VII will closely stick to the original, give or take a few adjustments for better mobile experience. The company is also said to be considering other titles further down the line such as Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and even X.

However, all of these hinge on the success of this so-called “Legacy project” that is bringing beloved classic titles in the Final Fantasy world to mobile platforms, so whether all that happens is still to be determined. In the meantime, aside from Final Fantasy VI, we do have other titles to look forward to, with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years coming soon, as well as a newer Final Fantasy Agito game.

VIA: Kotaku

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