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Firefox Mobile 14 is here! The fastest browser for Android?

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Friday, January 10th, 2014 With No Comments »

Firefox Mobile 14 for Android is here! Normally, the release cycle provides for the release of a new major version every six weeks, but at the mobile version it was last differently, here was version 10 of the last major release. With Firefox Mobile Mozilla 14 to succeed the great leap – at least for smartphones. Android tablets will be again only supported on Firefox Mobile 15.

Thanks to Native UI much faster

The biggest change and the main reason for the long break since the last major release of Firefox is the conversion to a browser with native user interface. So far, the UI was written as with the desktop version in XUL what Firefox Mobile has been significantly slower than other Android applications. Now Firefox starts lightning fast and more responsive to user interactions.

Thanks hardware acceleration by the GPU also websites are rendered more quickly than in the past.The integration of the same JavaScript engine, which is already in the desktop version to use, speeds up the execution of JavaScript. Also zooming is now noticeably faster by equipping.

In the popular SunSpider benchmark the new Firefox Mobile cuts even better than the pre-installed default browser on Android. In its proprietary Mozilla Firefox Mobile Benchmark Eideticker achieved equally impressive results. Of course, benchmarks must always be treated with caution, but they give at least a rough idea of the improvements.


The desert fox * new clothes

Of course, the new interface also takes a new look with it. Firefox Mobile not only looks modern, it also integrates better in Android. Add-ons Manager, downloads, settings, etc. can be found behind the menu button with the three dots on the top right – as in Android Applications usual. No matter how in the desktop version, one is greeted here with a home page, which shows thumbnails of the most visited pages. Fast access to the last open tabs is also possible here. A new tab is opened on the plus symbol between address bar and menu button. In addition to an address line, here are three lists: Most visited pages, bookmarks, history. Thanks to Mozilla’s sync solution appear here – if previously set up – the pages all connected devices. Mozilla calls this screen Awesomescreen. Already from the desktop version we know the name Awesomebar for the address bar. If more than one open tab instead of a plus symbol appears, the number of open tabs at the top of the window, by clicking on these shows Firefox Mobile open tabs including thumbnails.


*) The code name for Mozilla’s mobile browser is Fennec .

Firefox Mobile supports Flash

Firefox Mobile supports Flash – if Adobe’s plug-in is installed on the Android device. This allows for example the playing of videos on various video-sharing sites, which was not possible with previous versions of Firefox, provided they have offered no HTML5 alternative. In any case, Flash is loaded by a so-called tap-to-play only when needed. similar plans to Mozilla for the desktop version.

Even away from Flash, it is well with the support of web standards. So again new APIs are supported, namely the Camera API, Vibration API, Mobile Connection API, Battery Status API, Screen Orientation API, geolocation API, and Pointer Lock API. Also the support for CSS has been further expanded.


Similar to the desktop version, the user should also get on Android in full control of their personal data.So is also supported by Firefox Mobile is the Do not track header, which the user should be given control over whether he wants to be tracked for advertising purposes or not (note: these are only a recommendation). Next can access the stored user data secure by a master password.

For Search with Google now the HTTPS protocol is used by default. Furthermore, several bugs have been fixed, including pages not undesirably increases when updating.

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