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Firefox OS to Power Panasonic Smart TVs and New Devices in 2014

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 With No Comments »

Firefox OS

Mozilla had a ton of news to share today at CES 2014 concerning its Firefox OS, from upcoming tablets and smartphones to its new plan to conquer the living room. Whether the Firefox ecosystem will ever be able truly pose a threat to iOS or Android is still unclear, but Mozilla clearly isn’t going down without a fight.

The big news is Mozilla’s new deal with Panasonic, which will introduce a generation of Firefox OS-powered smart TVs. The biggest benefit of using Mozilla’s HTML5-based operating system rests in the fact that the entire UI will be built on top of web pages, meaning any TV that can browse the internet can run Firefox OS. It should also make it easier to develop mobile remote apps and integrate the television software with other smart appliances and systems around the house. The first Firefox TVs won’t launch until the second half of 2014.

Mozilla also used the massive Las Vegas trade show to tease a second generation of Firefox OS smartphones from ZTE, which will feature more powerful specs including a dual-processor model, claiming that the first Firefox handset from ZTE is “exceeding expectations” in European and Latin American markets. Meanwhile, the company is rolling out a tablet contribution program, offering up Foxconn-made hardware and resources to potential developers. The collaborative program should launch soon after CES in the hopes of finalizing a tablet UI for Firefox OS by the end of 2014.

Firefox once ruled the world of web browsers, and while we’ve since switched our allegiance to Google Chrome we’re still interested to see what Mozilla can do with its new operating system. 2014 should be an interesting year for Firefox OS.

Source: Mozilla

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