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Former Nokia Employess Create Newkia, Commits To Making Android Phones

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Many people out there, Android lovers included, still love Nokia hardware. So a while back when it was rumoured that Nokia would follow the Android route everyone was as jolly as can be. However, Nokia ended up going with Microsoft, and now that they’ve been bought, hopes of it ever launching an Android handset are slim to none. Nonetheless, if you wanted a Nokia body with Android OS, there might be a chance of getting something similar.

Apparently, former Asia Pacific CEO of Nokia, Thomas Ziliacus, and several other former Nokia employees, have started up another company called Newkia. However, what’s important about Newkia is that they won’t be making Windows Smartphones. Instead, they committed to building phones that run Android OS.

As it seems Ziliacus tried to raise some money to buy Nokia before Microsoft, but they couldn’t compete with Microsoft’s offers. However, it seems that there’s a lot of investors that believe that Nokia+Android has potential to be successful, and so, it will be fairly easy to find funding.

According to Ziliacus’ plans, the company will be fully operation by 2014, which means we might see a ”Newkia” handset by this time next year. Do you think Newkia has the power to make it in the Android world? Or will it succumb to the power of the giant Android OEM’s? Let us know in the comments below.

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