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Foursquare update brings the ability to check a friend in

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 With No Comments »

The latest Foursquare app update has arrived in the Google Play Store and this is one that should be welcomed by those who are often checking in with others. The folks at Foursquare have said this new feature has been their most requested. With that, Foursquare for Android users will now be able to check-in for friends. Thankfully though, this update does involve more than simply being able to check your friend in (or have your friend check you in).

Image foursquare-540x263.png

Well, that is the core of the update, however there appears to have been some thought into how this will all work. The check-in process will begin with the user finding the location where they happen to be — basically the same as before. Once here though you will see an option for something called “I’m with…” and tapping that is where you can check-in with/for your friend.

At this point your friend will receive a notification asking for approval. Assuming they give the expected approval, you will be able to check them in moving forward. To make this clear — once you grant approval for someone to check you in they will be able to do it whenever they want moving forward. With the basics out of the way, here is the part that appears to have involved the extra thought.

Image check-in-friends-steps-222x540.png


If a friend happens to beat you to the check-in, you can still check yourself in. In this case Foursquare will then show your check-in that way your photo will be displayed and your message (assuming you have something to say) will be shown. This will be the case regardless if you check yourself in before or after a friend does. Basically, your personal check-in will override your friends check-in.

The other aspect here is in the notifications. You will get a notification message every time someone else checks you in somewhere. This should make it easy to keep track of where your friends say you happen to be located. And for those times when a friend checks you in at a place you would rather not make public — there will be a delete button available.

SOURCE: Foursquare BlogGoogle Play Store

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