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Galaxy Note 8.0 May Not Be So Cheap After All

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 With No Comments »


Hopes of a low cost Galaxy Note tablet seem to be waning as some pricing for the device has surfaced today.  Last week rumours broke out that the Galaxy Note 8.0 could be priced between $250-$300.  That would have been amazing but even at that time I was a little skeptical as all the Notes to this point have had a premium price tag.

Today some pricing surfaced on several Austrian online retailers and the pricing is definitely higher than $250-$300.  The 16GB Note 8.0 is currently listed at €450 – €480 while the larger 32GB version comes in at €490 – €550.  If you were to convert those to Canadian dollars you’re looking at $610-$650 for the 16GB and $660-$740 for the 32GB.  Of course, Canadian prices are never a direct conversion of European prices but based on the prices I estimate the device to come in between $450-$550.

If these prices hold to be true, the Note 8.0 isn’t going to be much cheaper than its’ 10″ counterpart and it’s definitely not going to be a strong competitor against many of  low cost 7″ tablets that are flooding the market right now.  I’m just hoping that these retailers are jumping the gun and coming up with their own prices and that when Samsung announces the device they’ll make the device a little easier on the wallet.


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