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Galaxy Note II Update Rolling Out

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 With No Comments »

Note II Update

FINALLY, the Rock is back in… okay that was lame and you’ll only get that if you’ve ever watched WWE/WWF.

Anyway, I was greeted by a nice little message when I woke up this morning telling me that there was an update available for my Galaxy Note II.  The update was in the 200mb range and took a few minutes to install but it brought the much awaited feature, Multi-Window.

So now we here in Canada get that feature that everyone else in the world has been using for what seems like months.  You can now have two apps running simultaneously on the same screen.  This really helps to usher in a new style of multi-tasking that we haven’t really seen with phones yet.

The apps that can take advantage of this feature are limited but there is a work around in the dev community but it requires root so I wouldn’t dive into that unless you’re comfortable with the rooting process.  If you haven’t gotten it yet, go check your settings.  If you have got the update, is there any other little goodies you’ve found?

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