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Galaxy S IV Getting The Infamous S-Pen?

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, December 28th, 2012 With No Comments »

Even though we don’t officially know anything about the Galaxy S IV quite yet, I can say with some certainty that it will sell millions upon millions.  And if this latest rumour comes to fruition, it could boost the sales even more!

According to a rumour coming directly out of Korea, the next flagship device, the Galaxy S IV, is going to feature the infamous S-Pen.  Now many people with the Note and Note II don’t actually use the pen for anything, but I for one love the little stylus.  The Galaxy S III already has a lot of the key apps that utilize the S-Pen, but without the super precise little stylus, note taking can be a little clunky.

Other rumours are that it will feature a 5″ 1080p AMOLED Display, Samsung’s newest quad-core Exynos 5440 chip (which should be a beast!), and a 13 MP camera.

Again, although many people may not use the pen, you can’t deny that options are great.  And as long as the price of the device doesn’t find any increase, I say bring it on!


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