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Galaxy S IV May Launch With Varying SoCs

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 With No Comments »

Galaxy S IV

It appears that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV may come in a couple of variants, just like the S III.  This news falls in line with an earlier report that Samsung had reached out to Qualcomm to utilize the Snapdragon 600 chip in their next flagship device.  However, it now appears that only the North American variant of the phone will be getting the switch while in Europe (and probably Asia) Samsung will stick with their own home made Exynos chip.

This isn’t a new strategy as they made this exact same move with the SIII.  However, the difference is that  SIII chip was swapped out to accommodate for LTE and as far as I know the new Exynos 5 chips are LTE compatible.  So then if they do make the switch there’s a big question mark that arises.  Why go to a competitor for a chip?  Does Samsung not believe in their own home made SoC?

Personally, I’ve loved the Exynos chips and they have historically been the cream of the crop when it comes to SoCs.  Plus, if Samsung would make the same phone worldwide (minus the necessary frequency variations), it could make the software update process a lot simpler.

These are still just rumours and we should have all this clarified on March 14.  Until then all we can do is speculate….


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