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Galaxy S4 Apps-to-SD Update Rolling Out On Big 3

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

S4 AppstoSD 1 S4 AppstoSD 2

Good news for the rest of you S4 users!  It appears that the SGH-I337M version of the S4 (which is found on the Big 3 and their sub companies) is now getting the software update that adds Apps-to-SD support as well as Samsung’s new Knox support.  I’m sure there’s some other random bug fixes and optimizations thrown in there too but the main part of this update is definitely the Apps-to-SD support.

After receiving a lot of negative attention regarding the lack of internal storage on the S4, Samsung had to act quick in coming up with a solution and Apps-to-SD support is definitely a good option.  While I’m sure most would have still preferred that Samsung just release a larger capacity version of the phone, Apps-to-SD has worked in the past and I’m sure will be good enough for those who actually run out of space on the internal storage.

If you haven’t gotten the update yet, jump into your settings and scroll down to “About Device”.  After that, click on “System Update”, and click “Check Now.”  From there your phone should prompt you to download and install the update.  The update is quite large so depending on your data plan, you may want to wait till your connected to Wi-Fi first.


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