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Gameloft Releases Modern Combat 5 Trailer Showing Pretty Graphics And Not Much Else

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 With No Comments »

Modern Combat has always been a “stereotypical” shooter with above average graphics for a mobile game. Modern Combat 4 was quite beautiful and fun, even if it was a bit cliche. That’s its thing. However, Gameloft has released the trailer for their newest iteration of the series, Modern Combat 5.

In this trailer, they spend the first half letting you admire the beauty of the environments. There is a lot of detail for a mobile game, and the graphics are stunning. Then they show off little flashes of gameplay, the standard of the player wielding a big gun and shooting people. It’s always fun to do so. However, actual gameplay was really sparse, so we don’t know anything about how the game will play. Knowing Modern Combat, not so different from its predecessors.

Are you excited to see another good shooter on Android? Do you have a controller to play them properly? Leave a comment telling us how you play these kinds of games!


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