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GamePop console gains iOS game support, will continue running Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, June 7th, 2013 With No Comments »

BlueStacks has announced a new feature for the GamePop game system. The GamePop console was announced a short while back and was immediately thought of as a competitor to other Android game consoles such as the OUYA and GameStick. Of course, in addition to this new feature, the GamePop already had a unique selling point in that it is a subscription based service. Anyway, this latest GamePop announcement is game related and about how it will be able to play iOS games.


In other words, the Android running GamePop game system will be able to play quite a few Android games as well as some from iOS. Previous details coming from BlueStacks had the console launching with about 500 Android titles. So far there hasn’t been any number announced for iOS titles, however BlueStacks has announced a partnership with Subatomic Studios.

The catch with the iOS game support, these will need to be ports and that means BlueStacks will have to partner with the developers. Or in other words, the GamePop system is not going to give you full access to the iOS App Store. The porting process appears to be fairly simple for developers. In fact, it looks as if the main item that needs to be addressed will be the in-app payment system and that needing to be switched from Apple to Google or Amazon.

More important for the users though, it doesn’t seem as if this will even be noticeable. The way it was described is that the system itself will use something called Looking Glass. This setup will create a virtual iOS device at the API level and that will handle all the control inputs. Basically, users should be able to load-up and begin an Android or iOS game without any difference. Otherwise, taking a step back from this new feature and touching on the subscription.

The GamePop system will allow the user to play an unlimited amount of games per month provided they continue paying the monthly fee. As far as the console itself, that will set you back $129, however if you pre-order a GamePop before the end of June you can get the console and a controller for free.

VIA: 9to5Mac

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