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GameStick Android gaming system shipments delayed

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, April 8th, 2013 With No Comments »

We’ve talked about the GameStick Android gaming system on a few occasions. This device is an Android-powered stick that plugs directly into your TV allowing you to play Android video games on your big-screen. The little plug-in stick is paired with a full-size video game controller.


The developers of the GameStick raised the money needed for production via Kickstarter and the device will begin shipping with two video games that are ready to go right out of the box. Those included video games are Shadowgun and Smash Cops. Word has surfaced today that the GameStick shipments have been delayed.

The manufacturers of the device have informed backers of the device who pledged money on Kickstarter that they won’t receive their devices until late June. The GameStick was originally planned to ship this month. According to the company behind the product, the reason for the delay has to do with its incredible popularity.

The manufacturer says that expected to make 1000 units using silicon molds. However, the company says it received 5000 orders for the console along with orders from brick-and-mortar stores and was forced to reconsider its manufacturing method. The manufacturer says that to produce as many consoles as it has sold required “much higher-end tooling” and that tooling is currently being made in Germany and China.

Another potential hitch for people who already paid money for one of these consoles is that originally the people behind the GameStick had planned to ship the consoles via air freight. However, the manufacturer says that the volume was too high for to afford airfreight and it will now ship consoles via slower methods.

[via The Verge]

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