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GameStick continues the tease with “future of big screen gaming” video

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 With No Comments »

The GameStick game console controller was another success story in terms of Kickstarter. The funding process closed on February 1, 2013 after having raised $647,658 towards a goal of just $100,000. From this, the GameStick had 5,691 backers that had originally been expecting their consoles to ship this month.


Of course, as the GameStick backers already know, those shipments have since been delayed. PlayJam announced the news earlier in the month saying that after the success of the Kickstarter project and the orders from brick-and-mortar retailers — they were forced to rework their manufacturing process. Specifics aside, this story sounds familiar to Pebble.

Needless to say, we suspect the GameStick backers are a bit disappointed and while an update on the process would likely be good to see, the folks behind the GameStick have been releasing some videos lately. A short while back they provided fans with an unboxing video. That video highlighted the Kickstarter edition console and controller and as of today, they have offered up one additional video.

This latest (which can be seen above) touts how “the future of big screen gaming is here.” While we are not entirely convinced this is the future of gaming, this video does leave us wanting to see more. Well, that and us wanting to get a console to check out and play around with. The video is on the shorter side at just a bit under 2 minutes, however it does give a good run-through of features to include an overview of the console and controller as well as content discovery, the ability to download and preview games and console management through the settings.

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