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GameStick Kickstarter Over, Raised An Impressive $648,000

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, February 1st, 2013 With No Comments »

The GameStick has been a surprising hit on Kickstarter, evolving from an interesting product with a $100,000 goal to a completely redesigned one with many more features and almost $648,000 pledged by the time the campaign was over. It also went through a period where its Kickstarter page was taken down because of an intellectual dispute, though that was solved quickly. And now it’s over, with the device being finalized and produced.

Kickstarter backers should get their device by April of this year. They’ll get it in one of four colors, with a microSD card, and even a dock if they ordered one. All those things were added due to overwhelming support and a lot more cash than they expected to get. You can like them on Facebook to keep up with any extra news that they might have in the coming months before the release.

Did any of you order one of these? Do you like the new redesign? Are you excited to get one? Tell us your thoughts on the product in the comments!

Kickstarter | Android Police

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