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Glass developers given green light to submit Glassware for review

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 With No Comments »

As we inch closer to the consumer launch timeframe for Glass, Google has announced a very poignant step forward. From his Google+ page, Timothy Jordan has announced that developers can now have their Glass app (or Glassware) reviewed by the team and featured on MyGlass, the accompanying app for your Android device.


While Glass development remains a closed program, limited to those who actually have Glass, this announcement marks an important milestone for developers who made an investment in Glass for the chance to do just that — develop. Jordan also notes that there are a few big names that have already produced approved apps, suggesting they are the blueprint for success.

Sites like Thuuz, Mashable, KitchMe, Fancy, and SportsYapper have all created apps which adhere to the strict development guidelines. Those guidelines, which cover both functionality and visual rules, are made very clear to Glass developers via the launch checklist. Once a developer feels their Glass app is ready for (almost) prime time, it can be submitted for approval.

It may not be a massive leap forward, but this is an important step forward, and a hint that Glass is gearing up for a release in the near future. We don’t expect to see Glass by Christmas, but now that Glass has hit the road, we do expect to see a retail version sometime in early 2014.

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