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Gmail how to: Remove sender images and bring back the delete option

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, June 7th, 2013 With No Comments »

Google announced the all-new Gmail last week and began rolling it out for all Android users this week. The update arrived in the Play Store on June 3rd and while it brought some notable changes, there are a few items that have been bugging us. The two that seem to be the most offending is the lack of a delete option and the sender images.


Anyway, as it turns out, both of these can be easily adjusted by heading into the settings. Specifically by heading to Settings -> General Settings. From here you will need to make a few additional taps depending on which item you are adjusting. Those looking to bring back the delete option should tap the first option — Archive & Delete actions.

From here you have a few options available, but those looking to have delete and archive should choose Show archive & delete. Once that has been completed you will then see an option to archive and also to delete when viewing an individual message. Additionally, a tap and hold of a message from the Inbox view will also present both the archive and delete options.


Next up is the sender images. These, in theory are nice to see however when you seem to be getting messages from users that don’t have an image set, they seem rather silly. You can get a look at my current inbox from the image here, but we suspect others have a similar look. That said, this change is just as easy as the last. Again, you will need to head into the general settings. Once there just look for Sender image and make sure the button to the right is unchecked.


Of course, while there were some small annoyances, this update did bring some nice features. For example, the access to the labels (by tapping the menu icon in the upper left) seems convenient. Plus the swipe to clear seems to be a good way to quickly move through some messages.

One of the other differences that arrived with this update is with the multi-deleting (archiving). This latest release requires a tap and hold for each message you want to include. Not ideal, but we suspect it is something that we will get used to with time.

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