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Gmail update brings return of the delete button

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, June 28th, 2013 With No Comments »

Google updated the Gmail app earlier in the month and well, that update caused issues for some users. Most notably, Google made some switches in the way things looked and the way you handle messages that didn’t go over well with everyone. The two big issues seemed to circle around the sender images and the delete button. Or in this case, the lack of a delete button.

Image gmail-app-delete-540.jpg

Anyway, while the delete button was easy enough to add back, it looks like Google has responded to feedback and has returned it as a default action. This change comes with the most recent Gmail for Android app update, which just recently made its way into the Play Store.

Moving forward, users will now see a delete button (along side the archive button) when viewing an individual message. This can also still be changed in the settings if you had gotten used to not having the delete button showing by default. Otherwise, this update also brought some bug fixes as well as a change dealing with multiple email selection.

This latest Gmail update added the ability to tap sender images to select multiple email messages. This is done in the conversation view and is dependent on whether or not you kept those sender images around after the last update. Assuming you left them in place, you can now select multiple messages with a single tap (on each of the sender images you want included).

Bottom line here, this latest Gmail update keeps the sender images and has returned the delete button as a standard action. Those looking to make changes can do so by heading into the settings and looking for the “Archive & delete actions” and/or the “Sender image” options. From this point it is just a few simple taps to have things set to your personal preference.

SOURCE: Google+ (Android)Google Play Store

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