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Gogo aims to deliver inflight WiFi with 6x faster speeds

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 With No Comments »

Getting internet and inflight WiFi at 30,000 feet has been a challenge in the past, but lately things are getting up to speed rather fast. Gogo, the largest provider of inflight WiFi is getting set to announce their new service that will allow for 6x faster speeds. Claiming inflight WiFi could reach 60 Mbps.


I don’t know about you guys, but inflight WiFi always ends up costing too much only to get terribly slow speeds. While we’re not hearing anything about future plans to use our phones normally (like Alec Baldwin) which would be nice, Gogo is at least working to help us have faster network speeds.

This means you can continue those tweets, Instagram food photos, and Facebook conversations all in the air. Gogo has announced their new service will mix satellite and cellular towers to provide the best experience yet. Gogo also hopes his new dual-connection option will stop the inflight WiFi from getting slow when there’s too many users online at once.

American Airlines was first to equip their fleet with Gogo back in 2008, and they’re reportedly among one of the first that will be launching with these new faster speeds sometime next year. More details on the initiative to bring airplane WiFi up to speed can be found below. Hopefully once things get faster and more people use the service, it won’t slow to a crawl.

VIA: SlashGear SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

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