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Goodbye MOTO advertisements: conceptual, but intriguing

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 With No Comments »

Some bold Motorola advertising images have surfaced this morning, though, before anyone thinks otherwise we should point out these are conceptual. That being said, these images have arrived by way of B.A. Bakken who is based out of San Francisco and posted them along with a brief mention of them being “pitch work for Motorola.”

Image 055d2c5793beac913e7602028ad07f8d-540x286.jpg

Needless to say, given the quality we suspect more than a few will be confused if or when these images separate and appear on the social media circuit. And just to drive the point home for those needing a bit more convincing, if these were actually going to be used by Motorola — do you really think they would first appear on the designers site. We suspect most will be able to answer that question with a no.

As you can see this round of work includes everything from print to web to giant billboards. One of the more interesting pieces can be seen below and includes the following message;

“It’s time. Time to pause and think. Time to be brave. Time to say farewell to the Motorola that’s shaped today. And start building tomorrow. When we are ready, we will let the world know. Until then. Goodbye Moto.”

Image 7f37b76227f80f58d88d718f45eb22dd-540x386.jpg

As you will see, these are all pointing towards August 1st. The August 1st bit suggests that is when Motorola will finally unveil the X-Phone. But again, similar to how these works are all conceptual — so is the August 1st date. That is not to say it could not happen on that date, but we certainly would not begin placing any bets that it will happen then.

Image ce722ef155ddeac634fff1f155c53bb0-150x150.jpg Image a93b669621661bab378cfc384375fd19-150x150.jpg Image 66305dd4155574ed3a98fac5ff3ff62a-150x150.jpg


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