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Google bought Motorola and changed its logo

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Saturday, June 29th, 2013 With No Comments »


Motorola Mobility now has a new logo which still presents the famous M. The colour has changed though, and the new result reminds us of their link with Google.

Purchased in 2011 by Google following their failure to capture Nortel Networks holdings of patents which was purchased by a consortium containing Microsoft, Apple and a few other companies looking to block Google, Motorola Mobility has so far remained rather quiet on their projects.

For a long time after their purchase, analysts and investors often asked what strategy was being planned for the company, with Google being the developer of the Android platform and Motorola being a mobile phone and tablet manufacturer.

Google’s representatives often put forward promising visions, stating that Motorola would receive no preferential treatment over their partners (by receiving new versions of Android before other companies, for example) and instead undertook a large reorganisation of the company, separating non-strategic services, with the view of starting fresh with the thousands of patents that would help protect Android in the patent war that is currently raging in the mobile industry.

While the first Smartphone’s carrying the Google name have been announced, Motorola Mobility now comes with a new logo to signify this evolution. While the famous M from the company has been kept, it is now surrounded by a multicoloured circle, a new font… and the mention “a Google company”.

The change maintains the values and image of the Motorola Mobility brand, but also brings with it the Google look… which can be seen through the colour change. This new logo has also started to be seen on unofficial photos of the Motorola X.

Under the direction of Google, Motorola Mobility should launch fewer products and instead orient their offerings to the middle and top of the range devices with never before seen functions and ergonomics that have possibly even come from the Google laboratories.

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