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Google claims second spot in most valuable brands of 2013

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, September 30th, 2013 With No Comments »

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Google has moved up the ranks to land second place in this year’s compilation of most valuable brands. The search and technology giant is just one step below Apple which has bagged the top spot in the list.


Every year since 2000, brand consulting company Interbrand has been compiling a list of the 100 most valuable brands for the year. For the first time since it was started, soft drink maker Coca-Cola was not at the very top. That crown now belongs to Apple, who has risen from 8th place in 2011 to second place last year, and finally to first place.

Further knocking it down a notch is Google, who has claimed second place after rising from the fourth spot in 2012. While this leaves Coca-Cola at third, it holds the distinction of being the only beverage company in the top 5, which is largely dominated by technology companies. In terms of the top 10 brands, it is joined by McDonald’s, who is at 7th, as the only companies in the food and beverage sector.

IBM, who once held the third spot last year, now takes Google’s place at fourth. Surprisingly, Microsoft has managed to secure the same fifth place in both years, same as GE in sixth place. Intel has fallen from 8th to 9th, while Samsung has taken its place, rising from 9th to 8th. Toyota bags the 10th place again this year, with rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW not far behind, also at the same spots as in 2012.

SOURCE: Interbrand, New York Times

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