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Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Gives TED Talk On Project Glass

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 With No Comments »


Google cofounder Sergey Brin gave a surprise, 10-minute talk over at TED 2013 this morning to discuss Google Glass.

Brin has continued to remain dedicated to the research and development of Google’s various projects, whereas his co-founder partner, Larry Page, has gone on to become CEO of the company. As such, we’ve seen Sergey wearing Google’s special glasses for the greater part of a year, and this morning, he briefly explained why he sees a promising future for Google Glass.

Brin revealed that Glass offers a way for users to use technology in a much less socially-isolating way, compared to what he sees in the status quo usage of smart phones:

When we started Google 15 years ago, my vision was that information would come to you as you need it. You wouldn’t have to search query at all. But for now, we get information by disconnecting from other people, looking down into our smartphone. Is this the way you’re meant to interact with other people? Is the future of connection just people walking around hunched up, looking down, rubbing a featureless piece of glass? It’s kind of emasculating. Is this what you’re meant to do with your body?

As such, Brin seems to be implying Google Glass will serve as a remedy for any social awkwardness caused by our nervous dependence on smart phones as a way to tune out the world.

I have a nervous tic. The cell phone is a nervous habit — If I smoked, I’d probably smoke instead, It’d look cooler. But I whip this out and look as if I have something important to do. It really opened my eyes to how much of my life I spent secluding myself away in email.

As we’ve seen from Google Now this past year and from the recently-released preview video of Google Glass, Brin appears to be focused on providing users with information before they realize they need it. ”This is the first form factor that can deliver that vision,” Brin said. During the last two years Google has made significant strides in making Glass more comfortable and attractive, Brin said. He explains that the original version was “like a cell phone strapped to your head.”

Although there is still no video posted of the talk over on TED, I’ll keep checking and embed it when or if it gets released.


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